Managed Piwik Hosting

Hey Guys,

I’m thinking about rolling out a fully managed and highly scalable/redundant Piwik hosting service that would start out at $5-$10 per month. We would handle the load-balancing, scaling, updating, redundancy, etc. so that you can quickly get up and running in a couple minutes and leave the servers and scaling to us. Would this type of service be of interest to anyone and if so would you be willing to pay the monthly fee? This post is just to get an idea if this type of service would be of interest before we build it out. Thanks so much for your inputs.

– Dave

You are welcome to do this indeed!

But at Piwik we recommend a good host: Cloud-Hosted Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo


I have questions about what exactly Arvixe offers, actually :slight_smile:

I had looked at their offering when I first started having the problems with v1.8.3 that have made my Piwik installation unsuable, but I didn’t see a specific option for Piwik hosting there.

Maybe I’m misreading their info, but it seemed to me that you could only get Piwik from Arvixe if you hosted your websites with them, and wasn’t what I was linterested in.

Arvixe doesn’t list Piwik as a statistics option under the detailed descriptions of their hosting package offerings. They also have a list of a number of different specialty app hosting options in their footer – forums, carts, video sharing, etc – but they don’t include Piwik under any kind of specialty hosting that they offer, either.

I would consider paying $4/month to host one domain/subdomain to gather and calculate Piwik stats from all of my websites, but I can’t find any info on what the PHP limit on their system is for any level of hosting package. If the limit there is also 256Mb, moving there would not help resolve my issues, unless I were somehow able to downgrade my installation back to 1.8.3-b6

Does anyone with Piwik know?

oh, I also recommended that Media Temple check out Piwik, since they’ve been using Urchin forever for their shared hosting clients, but seemed to be unaware that Urchin cut off adding new customers earlier this year, which included anyone who signed up for their (gs) hosting packages since then.

They were genuinely appreciative of learning about Piwik and said they’d forward the info to their dev teams.

Arvixe will provide you with a pre-installed fully functionning piwik server. See: Cloud-Hosted Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo
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Matt, are you happy with Arvixe support?

I asked a question about what they support or limit in terms of Piwik server hosting, and the tech support staff never really answered my question. I just want to know if they limit Piwik tracking to sites that are in my Arvixe account or if I can include external sites as well.

What I read the first time seemed to imply that the pre-installed Piwik would be for sites under the account at Arvixe, but there was no information specifically allowing or denying external sites to be included in that Piwik install.

I can’t move all the websites I need or want to track to Arvixe, but since I only want to set up one Piwik server to handle all my stats, what I can and can’t track from an Arvixe account is rather an important distinction that I need clarified :slight_smile:

and yes, the only reason I’m asking it is because Hostgator denies Piwik traffic unless you specifically request that it be allowed… knowing that they can limit the traffic that is allowed in means that it’s something Arvixe could also do, if they wanted to, and I just want to make sure that I can do it before committing to anything.

You are welcome and allowed to track external websites in Arvixe Piwik server, this is the purpose of it in fact :slight_smile:

However, please beware not to track too much, after a few hundreds thousands pageviews a month the cheap plan might not be enough (warning only apply to huge websites ;-))

Managed Piwik Hosting

Great idea if the service would be scalable and fast…

Best if existing installations could be integrated in any way also

If I can add my two cents, I have used Arvixe for 3 sites, which we had not hosted with them. I have never had an issue. I should mention it was to track smaller sites (2300-3500 visits a month), so they did not hit the traffic level Matt warned of. Nevertheless, things worked fine for our needs.

We are also offering highly available and scalable managed piwik hosting on our site -> PIWIK Hosting - Mysnip Solutions
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