Manage matomo configuration as code?

Hello everyone,
is there a way to manage the matomo configuration (especially the settings that are relevant for GDPR) within a git repo? It’s hard to keep matomo consistent with the privacy policy and the implementation of tracking if everything is in a different system. So I try to keep everything in one place (my repo), where I can transparently track changes and do a rollback to a specific version if needed.

Is there a way to manage the Matomo config in code and deploy it from there as well?

Thanks in advance

Hi @fredfred
As this is configurable from the UI, the repo won’t help you to keep consistent configuration…
:gear: > Privacy > Anonymize data

Thanks for your reply. That’s what I’ve figured out but I thought that there has to be the better way (it’s 2024, we’re doing IaC since many years now).

Especially confusing:

Some settings (like IP anonymizaion) seem to be instance wide for all projects. Is the idea that I should use a different Matomo instance for each of my projects?

Some other settings are project specifc, but I don’t really understand how they go together with Matomo tag manager, which has its own settings.

And then there is the MTM feature “Environments” which I don’t understand what it is good for because it does not have any configuration (although that’s what an environment in software development) is used for.

Thanks for your reply in my other thread, I’ll look into the glossary. Hope this helps to understand the mindset behind Matomo.