"Manage email reports - loading data..." forever


Very new Piwik user here with two low volume Piwik websites, so apologies in advance if I haven’t provided enough data/detail. I did a search, but found no relevant hits.

Email reports were set up to automatically send on Monday, that never worked but I didn’t have the mail parameters configured , so I was using the “Send email report now” and that worked fine with V1.3.

After successfully auto upgrading to 1.4, I could not manually email reports (and the automatic email reports didn’t work either.) I tried FF and IE browsers with the same result.



(JulienM) #2

When I used to have this ever-loading message it was because I didn’t set-up correctly the smtp settings.

If you try to reset your password from the login page, do you receive an email ?


Thanks Julian - I created a test user and I wanted to do a lost password on the test user but the login screen keeps defaulting back to my login name when I entered a bad password.

I’m afraid to click on lost password in case that doesn’t work, my password gets reset, and I can’t ever login again.

I re-entered my email password and tried another email report and it still sits there forever. Guess I’ll wait for the new release and hope that fixes the problem.


(JulienM) #4

You can safely use the “Lost your password” form. It will not reset your password.


Hmmm - I get the following error when I tried the lost password:

“Error: Verification failed for Sorry - we don’t have a clue who this person is!” Sender verify failed
Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function.
Please contact your Piwik administrator. "

Is mail() a php attribute? Something I need to tweak in .htaccess perhaps?

Looks like a good clue (for somebody smarter than me :wink: )

Thanks Julien

(JulienM) #6

In http://dev.piwik.org/trac/browser/tags/1.4/config/global.ini.php#L346 could you tell us which properties did you configure (without giving the actual values except for the non personal ones : ‘transport’, ‘port’, ‘type’, ‘encryption’) ?


Julien - can do.


Okay - problem solved, sort of. (tu) I used my Gmail smtp settings and that worked, so there is obviously something funky going on with my primary smtp mail account. At least now I know that Piwik isn’t broken.

What would be a great feature is a “Test” routine in that settings panel so you can make sure you have entered everything correctly and don’t have to chase around if email doesn’t work. I have a webcam with an email test and that has saved me from config grief.

I’ll keep playing around with my other email account to see if I can get that to work. Sorry for wasting everyone’s time :frowning:


(JulienM) #9

Good idea, I’ve created a ticket Add a ‘send test email’ functionality in Piwik administration · Issue #2393 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub