Mamoto Unbelievably slow!

I just installed Mamoto and when i did a speed test I found that Mamoto is taking 11 seconds to load. WTF?
That’s unbelievable and totally unacceptable.
When I looked at the results further it seems that most of that time is waiting for mamoto to respond.

Given that everything is coming form the same server and everything else loads in milliseconds mamoto’s pathetic performance needs an explanation and a fix.

Anyone know how to speed up[ this snail?

Mark, you’ll need to specify what exactly you tested.
If that is the loading time of your matomo dashboard, then, yes, thats a bit slow,
but that does strongly depend on the widgets you have on your dashboard and the report caching settings.
Since I wouldn’t expect you to want to route a lot of traffic to your Matomo Dashboard, I wouldn’t see that as an issue.
If however you are using the php-tracking-API and your front end pages are being significantly slowed down after having added the tracking code, then that is an issue indeed.

Sorry I should have been clearer.

It’s not the dashboard, it’s the tracking snippet. I tested it using gtmetrix.

Most of my site loads in 1.5 seconds but the Matamo script is taking 11 seconds to even respond.

As I said, everything’s comimg from the same server so it can only be something related to the script itself.

Other scripts take less than a second to load.

So you are talking about the response time of the javascript tracker, then?
Please check with your developer console, and copy the exact link your browser is requesting that is taking so long (anonymize the domain if you like).
Look into the response, too, please, that might contain a hint on what the server is hanging on.
I’m seeing 300ms response times, just to let you know what would be expectable from my experience.

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Arrrg, I did reply to this earlier with a screenshot but unfortunately it never got published.

Basically it’s taking nearly 11 seconds to respond. It’s quick to connect and quick to load there’s just a huge wait in between.

Just far too slow.

Until the speed issue can be fixed it’s not worht using.

Hi Mark,

Please follow the steps in: How to configure Matomo for speed - Analytics Platform - Matomo
Then Matomo should be really fast and less than 1second at all times.