Make sense of piwik error on Ubuntu 14.04 with Apache2

I reconfigured my Apache web server and vhosts last week and piwik is no longer working. I started fresh with piwik by re-downloading the source into my public_html directory and extracting the zip file. When I navigate to my piwik landing page in my browser, instead of getting the piwik landing page, I get this output.

Since I don’t understand PHP, does anyone know what is piwik could be trying to tell me here?

I tried Googling some of the strings in that traceback, such as:

require_once PIWIK_INCLUDE_PATH . /core/dispatch.php

but I couldn’t makes sense of most of the search results.

I also tried asking in #piwik on FreeNode last week, but that channel is kinda inactive.

Thanks for your attention.

The output means that instead of executing the php script the browser is sending it to the browser. That means that php is not configured on your server.

Note: After you have fixed the issue, please change your MySQL password. Everyone who knows your piwik url can request the config.php and see your MySQL password in there.

Hi @Findus23! Thank you for pointing out the very serious security hole on my site. After reading your reply on Saturday, I right away changed my MySQL password, uninstalled MySQL and stopped my Apache service.

I’ve got some other issues to resolve related to my vhosts. If I encounter any further questions about piwik, I will be sure to return to this forum.

Thanks again, Findus23.