"Make it flat" not working in Piwik 1.12

I have used the “Make it flat” option quite a bit on 1.10 (1.11 too?), but it’s not working anymore on 1.12.

In hierarchical view the data table works just fine, but when I click the “Make it flat” option in the little cog at the bottom of the page, I get a “There is no data for this report” error.

This bug can be confirmed on the Piwik demo site:

Apart from this discussion on the forum, there is very little info on this bug.

I don’t have the permissions on the server or wherewithal to try the fix from this discussion, so any help or a bugfix release would be very much appreciated.

It looks like we’ve already fixed the bug in GIT so the next version will have it fixed. If you can’t wait you can use git files already.