Make a plugin compatible from Matomo 3 to Matomo 4

Good Morning, I’m testing to upgrade from Matomo 3.5.1 to Matomo 4.2.1, which is the latest stable version released. I have had problems when updating but finally I have updated everything correctly in the database. The only problem I have is with a plugin that we use a lot and that tells us that it is incompatible with the Matomo 4 version. This plugin is Intranet Geo IP. Searching, I got this URL where they indicate how to adapt a plugin to be compatible from the Matomo 3 to Matomo 4 version: I have made the changes to the plugin.json file by changing the value of version and require, but when doing the System Check it keeps warning me that this plugin does not work with this version of Matomo. Any suggestion? Thank you very much in advance


Here you should find more information about this plugin and Matomo 4:

In theory just changing the plugin.json as done here should work:

Thank you very much Lukas for the prompt reply.

I have followed the steps indicated, changing those two values in the plugin.json file of the “IntranetGeoIP” plugin, and even changing it, I still get that the plugin is incompatible with the Matomo version as you can see in the attached screenshot .

Is it necessary to do something else so that Matomo takes those values correctly?

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Maybe Matomo caches the value. You could try deleting all files in tmp/ to clear the cache.

Fix it!!! Thanks so much!!! :wink: :wink:

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