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I suggest you change core/Mail.php, line 48++, function initSmtpTransport to:

$smtpConfig = array();
if (!empty($config->type))
	$smtpConfig['auth'] = strtolower($config->type);
if (!empty($config->username))
	$smtpConfig['username'] = $config->username;
if (!empty($config->password))
	$smtpConfig['password'] = $config->password;
if (!empty($config->encryption))
	$smtpConfig['ssl'] = $config->encryption;

When building the array dynamically like I did, then you can leave out the SSL parameter and use a non-ssl mailserver. Otherwise (current version) you are embedding “ssl”->NULL and Zend cannot handle that.


kantan, can you please create a ticket in with your bug description, how to reproduce, and your suggested patch? thanks. see

Hi Matt,

sorry for the delay, didnt find the time…

here is the link to the ticket: