Lots of invalid requests

(Brandon Hendricks) #1

I am running Windows Server 2008 / IIS, PHP 7.2, and am importing logs with the log analytics python script with daily scheduled task.
In February I upgraded from Matomo 3.5 to 3.8.1. When reviewing our monthly data in the beginning of March, we noticed a decline in our numbers from the time of the upgrade. I ran the import script manually and there are a lot more “The Matomo tracker identified 74 invalid requests.” Another time was 793 invalid requests.
As part of the troubleshooting process, I downgraded our development environment back to 3.5 and imported the production logs and this issue did not occur. Any help with the issue would be appreciated, or if anyone can tell me what changed with the import process, that would also be useful. Thanks.

(Lukas Winkler) #2

Hi, that’s simply because this feature that detects invalid requests was only added in one of the last releases.

You should be able to open Diagnostics -> Tracking Failures in the Admin Menu. There should be more details listed.

(Brandon Hendricks) #3

Then that is related to another issue which I am still attempting to troubleshoot before posting here. On the Tracking Failures page I have been having 10 - 15 entries a day:

Problem: Request was not authenticated but authentication was required.
Solution: Set or correct a “token_auth” in your tracking request.

I’ve added an admin token_auth as a parameter in the import task but that does not seem to resolve it. If I get this issue worked out, it should resolve the first issue?

(Brandon Hendricks) #4

Should these requests not were being processed before not have been processed? Does that mean the lower number is actually more accurate? Or is Matomo falsely identifying valid data as invalid? I’ve turned on debugging but haven’t gotten any more detail other than the number of invalid requests.

And I am not sure how to resolve the auth_token issue. I’ve added it as a parameter to the import_logs.py command but it doesn’t make any difference.