Lost session recordings after 3.8.0 upgrade

(Redneck Bob) #1

Lost our session recordings after the 3.8.0 upgrade. The session settings are still there in Matomo, so if I visit Manage Session Recordings I can see all setup. But the recordings prior to the 3.8.0 upgrade are missing.

Happy to report that new sessions are recording. No other errors in the web server log file.

Any thoughts on how to recover our old sessions? If they are gone then no big deal

[Wed Jan 23 09:17:42.164506 2019] [php7:notice] [pid 10392] [client] Error in Matomo: The requested session recording does not exist, referer: https://zfs.zonline.com/piwik/index.php?module=HeatmapSessionRecording&action=replayRecording&idSite=6&idLogHsr=25541&idSiteHsr=21

(Jason) #2

Hi there,

This is unusual. Do you see the data from the missing recordings in your database?


(Redneck Bob) #3

Not sure where to look in the database. However, I have noticed that I’m continuing to have issues with session recordings even after 3.8.1 was applied.

I’ll submit an official ticket.