Lost data statistics for my piwik

Hi everybody,
I need help with my piwik installation, today i saw that piwik do not show me the stats from july 2014 to jan 2016 for all my sites, But last week it worked all, how i can fix this problem?
Thanks for help.


Do you see those visits in Visitors/Visitor Log page?

Hi! No, i see in all my sites always 0. Now only february and march 2016, how can i fix it?

If you have the server log file (and the requests for piwik.php are recorded there) of the website, you can try replaying log

Otherwise, if you keep mysql binary log, you can try to recover the data from it, I have gone through this recently, so if you need, I can write a step-by-step guide for this procedure.

Yes, thanks very much for your help, because i don’t know almost nothing about piwik, every help is welcome. :slight_smile:

Sorry for taking so much time, but I just realized that you may not be able to run a 2nd instance of mysql server, if you are using a shared web hosting. One can recover the data just one instance of mysql server, but steps are different, and it is safer if you use two instances of mysql server. Do you have the possibility of running a second server?

Hi! No, sorry, no second server.