Lost custom header color after upgrade to v3.6.0

(Lydie Decoker) #1


I have done a custom theme to customize some elements on the Matomo interface. One of them was related to the header background color. I used for that the less variable @theme-color-header-background. It was working well but not anymore with the upgrade to version 3.6.0. It looks like it’s not used anymore. Looking around, I have seem that the color is set by:

nav { background-color:#37474f !important; }

I did not find how and where to change it (the !important could be anoying in that case).

Any idea?

thx in advance :slight_smile:

(Lukas Winkler) #2


I added

@theme-color-header-background: orange;

to the /stylesheets/theme.less of my Matomo team, cleared the cache and reloaded Matomo and indeed the Header becomes orange.

Can you describe how exactly you are changing the color?

(Lydie Decoker) #3

Hi Lukas!

I have done the same but in my case, it’s not working anymore. Do you have the latest version of Matomo?


(Lukas Winkler) #4


I am using the latest git version, but I also tested it on my live server running 3.6.0. and it also works.

Can you check if your theme is still enabled? Or try clearing all caches with

sudo -u www-data php7.2 /var/www/matomo/console core:clear

(or similar) or by deleting the content of the tmp/ folder.

(Lydie Decoker) #5

My theme is still enabled (I even disabled and re-enabled it). I cleared again the cache. What surprise me is that some other modifications I have done are still used. But none of the modification on the less variables are taken into account (I also changed the variable @theme-color-header-text to #0d0d0d)

(Lydie Decoker) #6

In the example theme, there is a class extending the plugin class. This does use the following function to override the theme color:

    public function registerEvents()
        return [
            'Theme.configureThemeVariables' => 'configureThemeVariables',

    public function configureThemeVariables(Plugin\ThemeStyles $vars)
        $vars->fontFamilyBase = 'Arial, Verdana, sans-serif';
        $vars->colorBrand = '#5793d4';
        $vars->colorHeaderBackground = '#FFFFFF';
        $vars->colorHeaderText = '#0d0d0d';

(they did “getListHooksRegistered” but it’s deprecated and so I changed it to “registerEvents”).
When I do the same for my theme, the color gots overridden. So for me it looks like the less files are not used ??

(Lukas Winkler) #7

In case this still doesn’t work now with 3.7.0 (which changed the header color), please report this bug on Github.