Lookup tables longer than 99 entries?

Getting chrome/windows login window if I try to go beyond this limit but I can’t login and get it to accept the list.
All these arbitrary limits in the tag manager are driving me insane. Like the naming of versions has to be unique even though NOTHING should be attached to the version name but to the version NUMBER that should be there and increment automatically when a new version is posted. Or that names of tags can’t be unlimited in length. It’s like being back in the age of 8.3 file names.

And no, regex is not a good solution due to the fact that it would be a couple of pages long and I would have it in a very small box. Also I’m guessing there is some arbitrary limit to how long the regex can be and I can’t really see when and if that happens when the input-box is that small.

Hi @Feldon
Sorry, I don’t understand all our inquiries…


I personnaly use the Name as version number (and this is automatically incremented). The name is used when you download the version (as JSON file). Then I think the uniqueness is there to help the download process: Allow a meaningful naming (I personnaly don’t use this) with no risk of doubloon of downloaded file.

For Database performance, it is advised to limit the column length, especially if this is used like an ID (human readable and understoodable ID).

Again I don’t understand the problem with RegEx… ?