Looking for simple analytics, but

Hello everyone,
I have tin-foil community which starts rage then they see Google Analytics, so I am planning to remove it and switch to easier solution, the only problem is that I want to find something which tin-foil community will most likely not notice, or would be “fine” with it.
https://youporn.wiki/ https://xhamster.vip/
And hear me a out, I just want to know how many unique hits we get and from where… that’s it. I don’t need anything, else.


Honestly the “won’t notice” is a bit of the wrong approach in my opinion. I think that on the contrary you should make it completly transparent in the privacy policy what Matomo is tracking and how you can opt out and that everything is properly anonymized.
If you have many users in Europe you need to do this anyway because of GDPR.

That said Matomo should work pretty well in your use case. You can take a look at the demo here: https://demo.matomo.org