Logo for custom Browser/user-agent

I added a custom user agent with a custom logo that works almost everywhere (Browser Version/Visits Log/Visitor Profile) but not on the Browser Widget.
<tr data-segment-filter="browserCode==N1" data-row-metadata="{&quot;logo&quot;:&quot;plugins\/Morpheus\/icons\/dist\/browsers\/UNK.png&quot;,&quot;segment&quot;:&quot;browserCode==N1&quot;}" class=" ">
I just does not take the N1.png that gets displayed everywhere else but takes the UNK.png
I could not find the portion of the code that is responsible for that.
Is this the logo for the browser family? I already added a custom browser family into the device-detector but don’t know how to assign the logo to it. any idea?


I can’t promise it, but I think browser families just use the icon of the first browser:

This is the code for the icons, so you should be able to find out more by printing the variables there:

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thanks, that did help;
matomo capitalizes the browser names and the widget also uses that modified name to make an in_array lookup that fails and returns the UNK.png
I just changed my custom browsers to use that capitalized name in the Parser/Browser.php and in the yaml file to make it work.

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