LoginLDAP error after 2.11.1 update

Updated to 2.11.1 this morning and id a full system restart. Getting this error on the LoginLDAP plugin when navigating to the Administration page:

 WARNING LoginLdap[2015-02-23 14:26:55] [312e7] authenticateByPassword: empty login encountered.

So far it doesn’t appear that it’s created any issues with actual administration and haven’t seen any loss of functionality.

Hi @reynlds, could you provide some more detail? Specifically:

  1. This happens only when a user from LDAP authenticates, correct?
  2. Does the warning display in the dashboard (ie, in the non-admin page that displays after logging in)? Or only in the admin pages?
  3. Which page specifically are you seeing the error?
  4. If you have file logging enabled, can you see this warning in the file logs (w/ possibly a stack trace)?


I’ve got the same problem in my Piwik installation.
When I login using my admin-account, which isn’t using LDAP, I see the following messages (see screenshot).

I see the message at every page, even at the statistics part

When logging in using an LDAP account I got the following message:

[attachment 2179 2015-02-2414_20_07-InSeedsNL-WebAnalyserapporten.png]

Same here. Only when going to administration screen:

It’s happening for both LDAP and non-LDAP authenticated logins. Here is the issue on Github that is being tracked:

Could someone experiencing this problem post their LDAP settings (w/ sensitive information redacted, of course)? (Or email to hello@piwik.org).

Also, if possible, can you enable debug logging to a file (see I’m a developer, how do I enable logging (and / or SQL profiling) in Piwik? - Analytics Platform - Matomo ) and trigger the error? Then send the log file to hello@piwik.org. Remember to disable debug logging and delete the log file when you’re done.

I was able to clear the error by loggin in then out as a non-LDAP (local) user, then logging in as my LDAP user. No more error message. I was also able to capture a debug log which I’ll send along as requested.

@kweenie Your second error may not be related to the ‘empty login encountered’ warning. Can you ensure your admin bind credentials are correct? Also, does the error occur every time you login w/ a non LDAP user? Ie, I can see the warning occurring if you fail to login once (w/ incorrect password) and then login correctly.

FYI, version 3.1.4 should fix the “empty login encountered” issue and another issue.

Confirmed…thanks for quick action on this!

I agree. Updating the plugin to 3.1.4 made everything work properly again.