I am not sure of my username to login with. I remember what I set for my superuserlogin name during installation, but I am not able to login to piwik using that username. would it be my email address?
please help.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there

you can reset the password using your email address, the email I think contains the username


when I try and login to my piwik interface i get a message that says
you cant access this resource as it required an “view” access for the website id = 1

please help, I just want to go in and set up my piwik site and this is very frustrating.


the password reset doesnt seem to work, as I dont get the email with the confirmation link. This did work yesterday, and since I now have my username I wanted to try it again, but now the emil doesnt arrive and I think I have been blocked out.