Login to stat page not working

Early last week I was unable to log into my Piwik stat page. After a day or so of not being able to log in I tried to reset my password. The minor problem was that the reset page asked me for my password so it could send me a reset emal!

Instead of sending me a reset it displayed the same login error message that my ID (email address) or Password was incorrect! This went on for about a week and finally the reset page stopped asking for my password (that didn’t work) and it started sending me a reset email.

Now when I reset the password with the long code etc the new password doesn’t work either. I’ve tried reseting the password for two days now with no results.

Is there anyway out of this Mexican standoff or should I just give up?

That is quite surprising and looks like an issue with server configuration.

Can you try with a different browser, or even different computer ?

Maybe try create a new username if you manage to login as super user ?

I’ve tried with two different computers with FireFox and IE. No combination works. This is strange because it was working fine with FireFox and Windows 7, 32 bit.

Oh well, the one thing I don’t like about Piwik is that without digging around in the source code (maybe) there doesn’t seem to be a way to set the initial visitor count to other than zero. I have a website that is 6 years old and I really don’t want to start the count from zero again.

There must be a file in my Piwik folder on the website that is readable and gives the various stat info. I’ve downloaded the whole folder hoping I can find the file and decipher it. Could you give me the name and location to save me some time? TNX

I think I found it in the tmp/sessions folder (sess_gobbl-de-guck) but it’s coded. ;-(

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