Login problem

I am new to Piwik and have installed it on my server recently. I could login from the computer I installed it from originally, but not from others. Now I am not able to login at all, the problem is on all computers now.

When I try to call up the login, I get the following:
[attachment 2214 Login_blank.png]

I have searched the forum and web and tried to modify the config.ini.php file which only listed the website address as trusted host. Whenever I have added another host(s) to it (“localhost”, “”, “my local IP”, “database location”, etc.) I get an error message instead:
[attachment 2213 login_error.png]

Since mySQL Server was working initially from the computer used to set it up it should be setup properly. My provider hosts it on a separate server, not my site, so it has a different address which has been correctly inserted in the file on installation. I have not made any changes there.

What am I missing here? I am stumped! Could someone please point me in the right directions?


Hi there,

please upgrade your Piwik to latest where this issue was fixed

Since the one step upgrade obviously wouldn’t work without being able to login, I updated as described by downloading, unzipping and replacing the files via ftp.

Then I called up the login page again as described. Result: a blank page. Blank as in white, nothing. I checked the source code to see what was there and found one number: “1”, End of story. Frankly this was not very helpful, that seems to be worse than before. Any other ideas?

Could somebody please help me solve this problem?

Hi CHris,

Next try: can you upgrade to the latest beta from: http://builds.piwik.org/ ?

if you still have an issue after upgrading to that beta:

  1. do you have any error in server error log?

  2. if not, please create a bug report on: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub (we didn’t hear of this issue before)