Logging into Piwik mobile on IOS 7

(Ovidiu) #1

I installed Piwik mobile on my IOS 7 powered iphone 4s and am trying to log in with my super user account but Piwik mobile says:

You can’T access this ressource as it requires an View acccess for at least one website.

Seems nonsensical to me since I always log in to my Piwik installation via the super user and I can see all websites…

Any adviceß

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

indeed it should work… Is your piwik server running 2.0.2 ?

Are you sure you used super user login?

(Ovidiu) #3

Yes and YES. I just double checked, server running 2.0.2 and the account I used is the super user. There isn’t a user by that name, except for hte super user.

Any other suggestions?

(Ovidiu) #4

hm, just realized you get the very same error if you type in a wrong user or password :frowning:

(Ovidiu) #5

fixed. not sure why it worked the 5th time I tried :slight_smile:
same user/password though!?

never mind!