Logger not working in version 2.15.0?

Hi guys,

Since we upgraded to the latest version, piwik stopped writing anything to the logs.

This is my configuration for development.

; Possible values are “screen” (default value), “file” and “database” (logs to tables logger_*)
log_writers[] = file
; Possible values are ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG
log_level = INFO
; if configured to log to file, log entries will be written to this file
logger_file_path = tmp/logs/piwik.log

checked that it has full permissions to write in that location, tried switching it to database, nothing comes out. We’re running the archive process as well, no output, not even in debug.

Tried changing the /var/www/piwik/plugins/Monolog/config/config.php to override the values, nothing.

Any input on this?

I have the same issue.

Hi there

could you please create an issue @ Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Hi Mat,