Logfile analyse - same log file but different visitor counts between Matomo and AWStats

we have a Matomo installation for logfile analyse. AWStats and Matomo use the same logfile. The logfile importer script runs with the default option without import any additional data.
“python3 /path/to/matomo/misc/log-analytics/import_logs.py --url=https://stats.domain.com --idsite=1 --recorders=12”

But the counts of visitors show a big different between AWStats and Matomo. Matomo counts much more visitors as AWStats. For example August:
AWStats - 77.490
Matomo - 291.317

Anybody an Idea why?
Thanks in advance.

Do you have lots of visitor coming for example from the same company? (then the IP could be the same for several visitors, and Matomo could not distinct them…?)

Not really.
But in the log file are the IPs anonymized saved. However AWStats get the same datas from the log file to analyse.

Then I assume Matomo and AWStats don’t use the same algorithm to consider one single visitor. Is there any documentation about AWStats behavior?

Thank you for your suggestion. I have found only this here:

And in this:
I also use Webalizer, Analog (or another log analyzer) and it doesn’t report the same results than AWStats. Why ?
If you compare AWStats results with an other log file analyzer, you will found some differences, sometimes very important.
In fact, all analyzer (even AWStats) make “over reporting” because of the problem of proxy-servers and robots. However
AWStats is one of the most accurate and its “over reporting” is very low where all other analyzers, even the most famous,
have a VERY HIGH error rate (10% to 200% more than reality !)”

Is this really? Matomo shows actually more than 200% more … It is very heavy to believe but it looks to be true. Or?

Can you check if you have headless browsers in your Matomo?

Could you please help me where and how?
Or do you mean this?

Or things like:

Thank you.
We have only one daily “headless chrome”.