Log in issues

When I first installed Piwik I was able to log in with the default information. But when I change the password, I can’t seem to log in anymore. The odd thing is; It doesn’t give me any errors, it just refreshes the log in page when I submit user/pass. I’ve had this problem before, I had to re-install Piwik. I have issues with my hostings control panel so I have to install Piwik manually which isn’t bad just time consuming.

If anyone knows how I can fix this log in issue I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thank you,

I think you are being logged in, but you’re being kicked back to the Login because the idSite is invalid.

So how do I fix this?

I was speculating since there wasn’t any error message.

Can you make sure your browser isn’t blocking cookies? Cookies are required in order to login.