Log_hsr_blob - 50g size

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Hello all,
I am new with piwik.
what is in this table, and how to shrink it? will I will lose data?



There are entries stored from session recordings. The table usually shouldn’t be that big since each stored entry is reused when possible. Maybe your HTML has some HTML attributes or some content that varies for each user?

The storage it uses is usually more in the MB area, not GB.

You could delete some recordings and it should be cleaned up within a month at the latest. You can also force to delete it immediately using
./console core:run-scheduled-tasks "Piwik\Plugins\HeatmapSessionRecording\Tasks.removeDeletedHsrBlobs"
or ./console core:run-scheduled-tasks --force "Piwik\Plugins\HeatmapSessionRecording\Tasks.removeDeletedHsrBlobs" (haven’t tested the command but should be the right now)