Log Analytics: Monitor traffic load in bytes

Some missing features:

  • view bytes sent for time period
  • view bytes received for time period
  • find site resources generating most traffic
  • detect partial file downloads more precisely

I miss exactly the same things!

When is it that easy to setup a log analyzing job like it was in Urchin? I’m probably conservative, but I believe much more in a log file as in any scripts.


These are great feature request. Maybe someone will work on them or maybe someone can sponsor us to work on those features!


How much donation should we expect for sponsoring this feature?
What’s the best startpoint to implement this feautre?

I think when the log-import methode is used this feature is much easier to add the with the tracker method.

Maybe in the GitHub - SOASTA/boomerang: End user oriented web performance testing and beaconing are some ideas which piwik can reuse.

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The best next step would be to create a ticket in our issue tracker for this feature request. Then we can help with estimating how long it would take to implement and release the feature. I think that’s very important that Piwik offers tracking of bytes and traffic!

Hi matt.

ticket is created

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Hi Matt.

ticket created

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Hi Matt.

#5248 Log Analytics: Monitor Bandwidth for each page, download, and measure overall traffic in bytes · Issue #5248 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

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When piping logs via the import script, there is a request_time that is passed along. Would love that piwik give some stats on how long it took to download some files. I have a download server set up that only serves up files. No html.

I am very interested in this feature.
Please keep me informed about the possibility to sponsor it!