Location tracking wrong

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I have an issue which seems kind of weird. Since Friday I have received more than 50% of my visits from one specific city (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).
However we do not advertise in this area and before Friday we have had zero visits from Frankfurt. We have also explicity removed the city and the area around it from our ads.
Furthermore I have setup Google Analytics just to check whether this might be an error from our side, however in google analytics the cities are displayed correctly.

Any ideas how to fix this or where to have a look?

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Since the beginning of the year Maxmind requires agreeing to their custom license to use their free GeoIP databases.
To make it still possible to use Matomo out of the box, the default provider was switched to https://db-ip.com/
So it might be possible that their database gives different results for your visitors.

You can change the GeoIP2 database URL in the settings and change it back to Maxmind if you want to (but keep in mind that you have to create an account and follow all of their rules then).

Hi Lukas,

thanks for the reply. However the results have changed this friday, before that everything was fine. Do you still think this issue relates to maxmind/dp-ip?

Also I am running on matomo cloud plan.

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Hey there, we do have the same problem with wrong reports from FRA area. Also abt 50% of all visitors. I tried to use an older database but fail to find the settings where i can change the a.m. url and refer to a differen db-name? I am running the php version since we hv a shared server. Thanks a help with this issue in advance. brgds dn