Location & provider showing no data report for week, month, year or date range

Hello guys,

I have been using piwik for sometime now, when i try to generate report for visitors or location & provider for any period (week, month, year or date range) other than a day does not show any data. I have tried searching in forums and couldn’t get pointers. Could somebody guide me to it. The report is visible only when I generate for 1 day.

I have geoip installed as well


It works for me on the demo.piwik.org -> canyou reproduce the bug there?

Thanks for your reply matt.

I wasn’t referring to the demo piwik, rather it was in my environment. It was working in before version 2.0 and it stopped working after i had updated it to v 2.0 . Just now i had updated piwik to 2.0.3 and it started working again. Thanks again.