Local website time


I am new to Piwik. Good software.

We operate in Europa and Asia.The server I am using for Piwik is running in Taiwan (GMT - 8) .

Some of the businesses are based in the UK and user want to see the data in there local time.

I set the system time to Taiwan local time and users to tier local time.

The results I am seeing do not refect the user local time

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Pete

What results do you see? Can you share a screenshot?


Thank you for answering my request.

I doing the screenshots I found the server clock was set incorrectly. I now put this right.

So have the server clock and piwik system clock set to the same time and the user set to his own local time.

At the monument Piwik reporting looks confused. Not supprising.

I will let new data collect over the 3 to 4 days before reviewing again times and dates been reported.

Thanks agin


Hi there,

you need to set the website timezones, to the client timezone. If the website is for UK client, set the timezome to UK