Local time isn't all that local

I’m noticing some unexpected numbers when I compare the “Visits by local time” with “Visits by server time”, which makes me think that the local time isn’t all that local.

This may sound like a dunce question, but does local time represent my time (picked during setup), or perhaps the time of a visitor

Latter is the only way the numbers on these two graphs would make sense when I compare them

Local time is the browser time of your visitors, Server time is your server time (adjusted to your website timezone)

@matthieu, I gotta tell you I love this community. I had asked a few questions here in the past few days and this is by far the fastest response I ever had on a public forum for anything tech-related. Thank you for a quick answer, you’re representing the folks at this site like a shining example of what the web should be like.

You rock, Matthieu!