Loading page too long, server reinit ? (OVH webhosting mut.)

Hi everyone !
I use Piwik for a week now with my OVH webhosting (Piwik 1.8)
But usually loading pages take too much time (no matter the page) and then the connection is reinitialized by the server… ?
Is there a solution ?
Thank you

With OVH you need to enable DB Based sessions, see: Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hi and thank you Matt,

I did… (add session_save_handler = dbtable in the config/global.ini.php instead of session_save_handler = file. And we can find the tip here too http://forum.ovh.com/showthread.php?t=76808&page=8).

Well… I thought I did :slight_smile: I checked the file and the line was not there. I changed it. It looks like it works perfectly :slight_smile: (with 20 websites).

Now I use Piwik because the new Google Analytics interface isn’t clear enough anymore.

Anyway, really great job Matt : Merci !

Bonne continuation, de Paris !

Merci :wink:

I tested the week view for all websites panel… It took too long and the page isn’t loaded despite the fact that I put the right sentence in the config file.
Even if I refresh… I guess the query is too long and I can’t set the set_time_limite with Mut OVH hosting…

How many sites?

Hi Thomas,
20 but only around 10 are active (no more than 350 visitors per day).
The all websites day is just working fine anyway and that’s what I use the most.
If I want week or month or more, I get into the website I want to check.
thank you