Loading page too long, server reinit ? (OVH webhosting mut.)

(Zeuf Paris) #1

Hi everyone !
I use Piwik for a week now with my OVH webhosting (Piwik 1.8)
But usually loading pages take too much time (no matter the page) and then the connection is reinitialized by the server… ?
Is there a solution ?
Thank you

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

With OVH you need to enable DB Based sessions, see: Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo

(Zeuf Paris) #3

Hi and thank you Matt,

I did… (add session_save_handler = dbtable in the config/global.ini.php instead of session_save_handler = file. And we can find the tip here too http://forum.ovh.com/showthread.php?t=76808&page=8).

Well… I thought I did :slight_smile: I checked the file and the line was not there. I changed it. It looks like it works perfectly :slight_smile: (with 20 websites).

Now I use Piwik because the new Google Analytics interface isn’t clear enough anymore.

Anyway, really great job Matt : Merci !

Bonne continuation, de Paris !

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Merci :wink:

(Zeuf Paris) #5

I tested the week view for all websites panel… It took too long and the page isn’t loaded despite the fact that I put the right sentence in the config file.
Even if I refresh… I guess the query is too long and I can’t set the set_time_limite with Mut OVH hosting…

(Thomas Seifert) #6

How many sites?

(Zeuf Paris) #7

Hi Thomas,
20 but only around 10 are active (no more than 350 visitors per day).
The all websites day is just working fine anyway and that’s what I use the most.
If I want week or month or more, I get into the website I want to check.
thank you