Load Widget Fatal error in IE

(gording) #1

First of all I’d like to say Hi to @all

And now my problem.

we are using piwik since quit a while and every thing works fine (Thanks for the great implementation and development of this Tool).

But now we have a client who is using only IE in his Company. When he loads the widgets there in IE he is getting the following errors depending on the widget

Fatal error: Call to a member function filter() on a non-object in /core/ViewDataTable.php on line 376
Fatal error: Call to a member function getTimezone() on a non-object in /core/Controller.php on line 229

or he get’s

Keine Daten für dieses Diagramm No Data for this diagram

even so when I call the same widget in FF I get Data.

As well in IE the current user display is corrupted.

As I said in FF and Safari all works fine so this is a litte strange to me.

Would anybody now a solution fore me.

Thanks to all in advance


(vipsoft) #2

It’s not a browser issue. We already have a ticket open for this: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/1450

(vipsoft) #3

Are you using modx?

(DriverDan) #4

I am having the same problem and do not run modx. I added info to the ticket, please reopen it.

(DriverDan) #5

Still having the problem in 0.9. Additional info added to the ticket.

The error seems to stem from the site object not loading correctly.

(vipsoft) #6

So, it’s ok in the dashboard, but only a problem when embedding the widget? Hmm…