Live Visitors: Uknown url with non JS Tracker but known "action_name "


I use the non JS Tracker for my email campaings.

I realised that when tracking pageviews with non JS tracker, sometimes the visited url is unknown (ie when opened in email client software), and some other times, the url is the one of the online email service.

On the other hand, if I use the var “action_name”, this information is transmitted to piwik but not shown on the Live Visitor widget, nor on visitors log.

It is only viewable on “Actions → PageTitle”.

My fisrt suggestion is:

When rec=1, and url is not tracked website’s url, and/or url is unknnown, display the “action_name” value in the Live Visitors widget instead of url.

My second suggestion is:

to add a “referrer” value to the non JS Tracker.

Stats are shown as follow:

Thank you!

Thanks for the suggestion, this is covered in the Visitor Log feature request ticket: Visitor Log list of ideas and improvements · Issue #1839 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


This will be fixed in 1.3 next release!