*Live Visitors!* on Dashbord and *Visitors -> Visitors Log*


on Dashboard/ Live Visitors! you show Pages: and afterwards coloured icons to illustrate the visited pages. Right now, the usage of colours is only determined by the position (e.g. every first visited page get colour no. one, the second visited gets colour no. two and so on – doesn’t matter, if the visited page has the same url than the other one).
This makes no sense. If you want to show, that 2 pages are visited, show two icons (with the same colour) or give the colour(s) a meaning.
A meaning could be done in this way it is used in pphlogger (I had it running and still keep it running because of some benefits not included in piwik): at pphlogger there are 40 possible colours. No. one is used for the most frequently visited url , color no. two for the second most frequently visteted one and so on (no. 40 is used for anything not represented by no. one to no. thirty-nine) – see picture. One more benefit beside the opportunity to see the real visitor path at glance (without the need to hover to see the url) is the way the colours are used there: it is possible for people with a decreased sense for colors (like me) to differentiate between this colours.

On Visitors -> Visitors Log I really miss the opportunity to define some settings to pre-select (show) the data: there are no select option for page-offset (for the given time-period it would be nice e.g. to choose between offset of 20/ 50/ 100/ 200/ all), no option only to show visitors with a goal/ without a goal, no option only to show visitors how returned, visitors with some plugins/without, visitors from pre-selected areas et cetera. This missing options are necessary e.g. for new websites or websites with still few visitors to find out possible problems or to look for ways to improve the page impressions.

Thank you!