Live visitors goes crazy after update to 1.1

Hi, it seems the live visitors widget’s having troubles and counting several times the same customers on my website, which leads to a huge amount of visits since the update (much much more than normal).

What’s wrong???

Thank you

Same problem here… that sux…

See my Bug Report: Wrong stats after 1.1 upgrade · Issue #1939 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Hopefully this will be fixed soon… it’s destroying my stats.

Destroying my too!.. it sux, i’m using my stats to evaluate my employees


Piwik is not counting the same visitors multiple times, it is just a bug in the Live! plugin that displays the same row few times. It is very confusing and we will fix it in the next release. But be assured that the visitors are not over-counted as seen in the Live! plugin

No Matt, please see here: 301 Moved Permanently

OK Zorro, we’ll look into it. Closing this thread