Live Stats Stop Reporting

Forgive me if this has already been addressed. Is there a bug or a system setting that is causing the live stats to stop showing all data at a certain point in the day?

For me at 5pm Mountain it stops reporting live stat data.

Make sure you are using Piwik 1.3, then apply this patch:

if it still doesn’t work, please post a message, but it should work

That patch made it work for me =) I’m also using 1.3.

Thanks. Will give it a shot.

This patch is not working for me, my live visitor log is displayed on the next date.

Worked great. Thanks Matt!

Any help for me, I changed the line to $processedDate = Piwik_Date::factory($date)->subDay(1); and piwik is still showing the stats on next date.

saudiqbal it is expected that Live! shows stats of visits “right now” on your site. Visitor Log will show visits for the date selected in calendar

Mine is showing last day stats in next day which never happened before. Previous patch fixed the problem but this patch is not fixing this one.

please post a screenshot of your piwik which shows calendar + the wrong stats in live?

I posted the screenshot, What should I do now.

any help?