Live results working other stats doesn't show

Hey folks,

for some of my websites that i added to my piwik installation only the live results are working. The other stats are blank. When i added the code to the sites four days ago everythings worked fine. But since two days only the live results are working. For some sites however everything works fine. The code is set up correctly i guess because live results are working for all sites.

I use version 1.4 and i use the script to calculate results. Moreover i have about 100 sites using this piwik installation.

Can anyone please help?

So, i just changed from the cronjob alternative to that one for small installations (calculating numbers triggered by webinterface) and now the data seems to be right. How could that be?


So i just talked to my hoster and he said that the max. execution time for my cronjobs is 15 minutes per cronjob. So what do you think. Does that may cause the problem?

It might be the problem… the best is to ask your host if script have time to finish, if they limit to 15min they should also have some error reporting in case a script is stopped before then

Hey Matt, thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately this is not the problem. The hoster uses loadbalancer which produce a timeout after 60 seconds for a request so the script stops execution at some point (when waiting on results of getVisits i think). No real error so far.
Now i have to find a way to archive the logs without running into that issue.

I used the php Version of the archive script that was posted here before and called it by myself. It seems like i dont run into that loadbalancer issue. The script executes but when i look into my database the archive tables were created but they are empty. Don’t know why. The php script calls the same API methods as the script.


When i call the api i dont get results for the current month either. When i say date=last10 and period=day there are no results although there are results for that time in the log table.