Live plugin


i made a few changes to the Live! plugin. Nothing fancy, just a few bug fixes and some styling.

If anyone’s interested it can be downloaded on github.

Let me know if there’s something else we could do to make it even better.

Thanks Piwik! team for sucha great software.


edit: already found a bug

Project title on github should’ve been the same as plugins folder name, so when you download - rename the folder to InuPiwiLive and then proceed with installation. (the path must be: piwik/plugins/InuPiwiLive )

Will update accordingly on github with next commit.

Please look at and try working with jr-ewing’s submission to improve the plugin. Thanks.

OK, thanks.

Having some problems with Trac though, there is this error at the top:

Warning: <acct_mgr.web_ui.MessageWrapper object at 0x1dd6d10>

and i can’t find where can i post a comment, perhaps missing form due to above error. Or have I just missed something?

Can you make a screenshot of your changings?

Sure, here it is, live in action.


I like it a lot! better than the one found in the ticket. would be cool if you could merge your changes into the ticket, wouldn’t it?

thanks, please mind this is only the widget. Details page isn’t done yet.

And yes, i will try and work with jr-ewing to create one and powerful plugin, however i am still having problems with trac on I just can’t post any comments, perhaps i need the permission?

[quote=primski @ Aug 24 2009, 07:39 PM]thanks, please mind this is only the widget. Details page isn’t done yet.

And yes, i will try and work with jr-ewing to create one and powerful plugin, however i am still having problems with trac on I just can’t post any comments, perhaps i need the permission?[/quote]

yes please, feel free to cleanup the CSS of the existing plugin and merge yours, and post it under a new version with a comment explaining all your changes :slight_smile: thanks.

For trac, please try to create a new login and let us know if it works better?

hey, thanks.

i’ll get on it asap. I just moved to a new appartment, and don’t have internet connection yet, waiting for our precious provider to move their asses style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif

Oh and yea, it looks like i misclicked something in the activation process. Trac is working fine at the momemnt with the new account.

primsky, any update on the Live! plugin? We are hoping to push it in Piwik 0.5 in two weeks. Did you have a chance to merge your version with the one in the ticket? Otherwise, we might not have your changes in there…

I’ve been working on the details page. I’ve attached the screenshot of recent work.

I am still trying to do the visitors history view with all the pages he visited in the past, but i’m a little skeptic about this one over security issues. I do need to expose the userID, which is cookie’s hash in the form and pass it on to the next page, but i don’t know if thats acceptable? Need to discuss further.

If like-able i will create the patch to either replace existing or add a new plugin?

The visitor id isn’t personally identifying information and it isn’t a token_auth into the system, so I don’t see any obvious privacy or security issues.

Since the plugin does place more load on the server with its periodic refresh, it might be wise to limit access, e.g., Piwik::checkUserHasAdminAccess($idSite).

So i’m try to merge primsky’s Live plugin with the actual version.
I also try to repair the bugs with the “play” Button refresh.

I think we can get it into 0.5

best regards


i already fixed the button bugs. I need to finish a few things and hopefully i’ll have the patch ready for you by the end of the weekend. The code in the github now isn’t the most recent.

You mean, only enable the plugin for admin users? Or just disable the ajax polling?

re: access level. Well, I can’t speak for everyone. There are 4 user types to consider:

anonymous users
users with logins and view access
users with logins and admin access

i think for the first step it make sense only access for:

  • users with logins and view access

@primski - maybe you can sent me an private message if your are ready ?
I want to merge it so fast as possible.

Hello jr,

The existing plugin is not implementing any access control, therefore for now, i have not put in none either. Perhaps for the next revision, or need advice how to do it, since i’m a little baffled.

I am having problems accessing (server down?) at the time of writing this, so i can’t access latest piwik revision thru svn.

I pushed my code to github as separate plugin. Easier to install for new users. If you want to replace the existing Live! plugin, a few things have to be renamed in order for it to work. I’ll do that as soon as comes back up, in the mean time you can test the plugin by installing it in new folder. Then we (you) can decide should we put this plugin in the core or not.

tell me what you think.


ps: when does piwik intent to update jquery version to 1.3.x ?

Yes, jQuery 1.3.x is high on the todo list. I’ve bumped it to the next next release (0.5.0 which follows 0.4.4).

I would have done it sooner but (1) not being a jQuery ninja, I didn’t want to fix all the third-party jQuery plugins that weren’t 1.3.x compatible; and (2) the 1.2.x update took a couple of weeks to test on numerous browsers and to fix regressions.