Live! plugin

(gre3d) #1

can someone give me a description of what this plugin does? There is no description on the settings page and curious to see what this plugin does

(michaelc) #2

Hi gre3d,

What do you mean exactly by ‘live plugin’?

(gre3d) #3

[quote=michaelc @ Dec 31 2008, 03:05 PM]Hi gre3d,

What do you mean exactly by ‘live plugin’?[/quote]

In the settings window within Piwik, there is the list of plugins available and there is new item there “Live!” and the description just says live plugin. I activated it but no visual cues of anything different.

(robocoder) #4

I was hoping to see something like, but it’s more a work in progress. If you’re curious to see what it outputs, change the piwik url in your address bar to:


(psychobilly) #5

Could be interesting for you
Will this be available in the normal widget selction screen or will there be also widgets made by single persons which can be downloaded from…? Where?

(primski) #6

Need to finish it first, sorry guys i do have a day job and am pretty busy lately. Besides, I’m still learning about piwik, the API docs aren’t the best and i’m new to smarty so it’s definitely a challenge.

Then, we’re gonna make a patch and see if it gets accepted into the trunk as main plugin or it’s gonna be offered as a separate plugin (here)

(Vadi) #7

Any news?

(vipsoft) #8

If not in 0.5, we’ll get it in for 0.5.1.