Live plugin: no referrer shown

Somebody by mistake did the stupid thing to update a highly customized matomo instalation that cant be restored due to hundreds of orders that would be lost and among other things that i hate, here is one that really makes me scratch my head:

  • why are referrer campaign with display:none attribute in Live plugin?

.visitorReferrer.campaign {
display: none;
/* do not show default campaign information in visitor log */

I thought this was a bug, because this is one of the most important if not the most important piece of information to have about a visitor, 100x more important than the version of the browser it has. I want to know from what paid campaign the visitor reached my site! Yet it seems that this is not a huge bug, but rather a deliberate feature.

Can someone please tell me how to restore this information? I tried to do it in the template of getlastvisitstart.twig but unfortunately there is just the “referrer” class not the needed “.visitorReferrer.campaign” to add some display:block!important. I think one way to do it is to find the exact location of this general css file and edit it (and i ll update matomo again in like 2030 or so!!)

Thank you

Hi @Glisse1
No idea.
But you can change the UI (CSS) via this plugin:

thx man… meanwhile i did find the main css and modified there, but a plugin to inject css in matomo is much more elegant, did not know it existed

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