/live/last_visit_details not a route | Wordpress Plugin API

Hi, I’m trying to access matomo live data via the API, but when I request


(from https://developer.matomo.org/api-reference/wordpress/restapi-reference)

I get this response:

{‘code’: ‘rest_no_route’, ‘message’: ‘Es wurde keine Route gefunden, die mit der URL und der Request-Methode identisch ist.’, ‘data’: {‘status’: 404}}

So it seems like that’s not a real route. I changed it to “live/most_recent_visitor_id” and that worked fine.

I installed matomo via the wordpress plugin and the authentication works.


Hi @HolgerKurtz

There is a typo in our documentation, sorry.
The appropriate API name is last_visits_details.
Kind regards


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