List of visitors profiles

is there a way to list all visitors profiles and search/filter through them?
I find surprising that the only way to currently display a visitor profile is through the visitors log, which has the limit of only showing the visitors by date of last visit.

Thanks in advance for any contribution, workarounds and thoughts also appreciated :slight_smile:


Also wanted to know if a user’s activity can be pegged to the user profile along with any issues, let’s say disputes, that can be readily accessible and if this information can be made available to specific admin users?

I second the question by Andrea.

  1. Is there a way to show a list of users (profiles with a visitor id)?

To expand on the question …

  1. If there is no list of identified users – is there a way to directly link to a visitor profile if the ID is known? I can only find a “lightbox” view of that data within piwik. If direct linking were possible, the list of users could be generated outside of piwik (thats where the ids originate from anyway) and link to a piwik page showing the data.

  2. How do you segment logged in users? A filter for “User ID” != “” (blank field) also lists visitors that do not have an id assigned.

@cjoy, I can help you on point 2: if you display the user profile lightbox and click on the ID, right below the IP, you’ll get it to open as a new page (with a URL syntax that only depends on the user id and can easily be used to customly build a list of profile links, starting from your user base).

@Facens: thank you – unfortunately what you refer to is the internal piwik id (16 char hex, labeled “ID” in the view) and not related to the user identification string that is passed to piwik (labeled “User ID” in the view). Since this hex code is unknown outside of piwik, it cannot be used to link to a specific user id (e.g. “99” or “johndoe”).

@cjoy you’re absolutely right, I had mislooked the value. Do you already know if the Piwik ID can be retrieved at least via the API, starting from the custom User ID? This would allow that URL to be built easily outside of piwik.

@Facens: I would assume so, but since I have not dabbled with piwik code/plugins in any way so far, I do not know.
Unless someone can share a viable approach I might just look into creating a custom report / plugin (as time allows – not a huge priority right now).

What are you exactly trying to achieve here? can you maybe create an issue with your need on Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

and maybe post also a few ways you think we could solve the problem if you have some idea?

@Matt, I just posted this: Introduce list of visitors identified with User IDs searchable and segmentable · Issue #6608 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub
Do you think I should provide more info?


hi everyone,
please let’s continue the discussion here: Introduce list of visitors identified with User IDs searchable and segmentable · Issue #6608 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

and if you can, comment on github to put your vote towards this feature :slight_smile: