List of pages where goal was completed

I have the “Custom Reports” paid plugin installed.

The report format I am trying to create is as follows:

  • Column 1: List of pages where goal was completed successfully.
  • Column 2: Number of times the goal conversion was completed on each particular page.

The setup is as follows:

For some reason, this report is not showing any data - although it has been over 3-4 days and we have had several goal completions in Matomo since then on various pages.

Please help create this simple report.

Hi there!

Are you sure there isn’t a mistake in the Event Category Filter?

But keep in mind that events and conversion goals are two different things in Matomo. If you have created a goal you can search for its name in the metrics. Then you really have the conversion goal in your column, not just the event. But depending on how you’ve defined your conversion goal, it might be the same as the event. Don’t know if this thought helpts or if you’ve fixed it by now.

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