Link previous visits when UserId is set

(Jon) #1


We have an issue when a UserId is set to a visitor.

  • Let’s say we have an anonymous visitor that access our site a few times during one week .
  • All visits as recorded correctly and linked with the same idvisitor
  • At one time, the anonymous visitor, signs up in our website and we assign a UserId
  • A new visit is created and linked with the UserId with a new idvisitor.

What we would have expected is the idvisitor would be the same as the previous visits or that a new idvisitor is created and updated in all the previous visits so we can still link all the visits with the loggedin visitor.

Please let me know if this behaviour is correct and how to solve it. Since we need Piwik to work like this, let me know if any changes are needed and where to do those changes.

BTW, we are also using third party cookies since we need to track visitors across several websites.

Thank you in advance for any help


(Jon) #2


anyone could help me with this?
Thank you in advance


(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Current behavior is correct, Piwik only updates the “Current visit” and will not update previous visit. I think there is an issue on our tracker for this, otherwise feel free to suggest a new issue