Line charts are black after 2.02 update

I just used the auto-update option to apply 2.02. All line charts are now showing as dark gray lines on black background. Column charts appear as red bars on white background as expected. Tested using different browsers (latest firefox and chromium on ubuntu, all with the latest updates to browser plugins) and the black charts appear on either.

What do I need to do to correct this? All visitor tracking appears to be working correctly.

(I’ve already tried deleting all contents of /tmp directory to no avail.)

All line charts in the dashboard or also in the sub-reports eg visitors>Overview ?

Thanks for your reply.

It appears to be just the line charts in the dashboard. The visitors>overview chart is showing as red lines on white background.

Expanding any of the line charts in the dashboard also shows them as dark gray on black background.

Try delete the widgets and re-add them to the dahsboard

That worked! Thanks, Matt.


as we got thousands of Sites in our Piwik installation - is there any other way to get rid of the “dark graph Problem”?
Can’t edit each Site manually … :slight_smile:

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

Are they all affected by this black background issue?

just checked a few … not all … but some

Same here for the update from 1.12 directly to 2.0.3. The problem occurred for bar charts as well as line charts. Just one of the three installations in use was affected. Thanks Matt for the tip on how to resolve this.

We just did an upgrade from 1.2 to 2.4. On the piwik site itself, the widgets seem fine.
However, when a different website embeds our code in an iFrame, they seem to have this issue. I tried to remove and add the widget from the piwik panel but that doesn’t help. Btw, this issue seems to occur with firefox only.

Has anyone come across this? How can I resolve this issue?

Could you try to delete the CSS cache in your browser, and in piwik/tmp/ folder and try again? if you still have the issue could you PM mea link to this forum thread, and your Embed URL so I can see it (also make sure you’re using 2.4.1)

I tried deleting the browser cache and restarting the web server. However, that didn’t help.

Essentially, It’s a web application that displays the Piwik widget of usage. When the user changes the range, we populate the Piwik widget to display the usage over the range.
So, when the page is loaded for the first time, the piwik widget displays the usage in the right colors. However, when the user changes the range, the widget changes color.

This widget just needs to be be deleted and re added to the dashboard its on.

(Do that after deleting tmp folder in piwik)

Thank you for your response! I did exactly that. I deleted the files in piwik/tmp folder and deleted and re-added the widget on the dashboard.

These are screenshots from today.