Limited Image Tracking data

Hi, i have a problem, I am using the defult image tracking code on a HTML5 (webkit) mobile website, which is almost working but it shows nothing about the page information, only collecting date & time data, no page name etc.

can you give me an example of an image tracking code that will also collect page information on a HTML5 page, (if the code is also ready meant to do this by defult, can you show me a code that will force this info to be collected)??

I dont know how to workout adding custom parameters, show please show examples, so i can copy it.
thanks for any help you can give me.

p.s Also a second problem the /tmp/cache/tracker/genaral.php keeps changing permission to chod 600, and i keep having to manuly change it back to 777 at least once a day, any ideas why?

At Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo you can read the following :