Limitations query action > pages?

Hi there we like to have a report from one year april 1 2013- april 1 2014 from actions> pages .and then export it to .csv
there are now 11959 results ; the results are shown in the attachments. When i would “make it flat” see image result2.JPG
then the page “hangs” and we will not see the details of what pages is visited how many times
cOULD IT BE that it is due to the amount of data? For what i see is that there maybe is a limitation in the query.
Does anyone have an idea if this is a limitation in the config ?
I hoop y understand me.

does this has to do with :
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_actions set to 15000?

our config file shows:

API_datatable_default_limit = 5000
assume_secure_protocol = 1
enable_trusted_host_check = 0
proxy_client_headers[] = "HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR"
proxy_host_headers[] = “HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST”
; maximum number of rows for any of the Referers tables (keywords, search engines, campaigns, etc.), and Custom variables names datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_referers = 15000 ; maximum number of rows for any of the Referers subtable (search engines by keyword, keyword by campaign, etc.), and Custom variables values datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_referers = 15000 ; maximum number of rows for any of the Actions tables (pages, downloads, outlinks) datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_actions = 15000 ; maximum number of rows for pages in categories (sub pages, when clicking on the + for a page category) datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_actions = 15000

the “Flatten” feature is quite expensive to run, and will be slow, if you are tracking 15,000 rows for each day in each report. Please try with latest beta where we have increased performance: I would like to test early beta and RC releases, how do I enable automatic updates to use these development versions? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thx for yr reply ,
is there also an other sollution to get the detailed pages info for the past year?