Let me group referrer websites

The following are my top referrer websites (in the Dashboard):

I would like to have the following in the overview:

As these groups are highly user dependant (e.g. a user could like to create a group “Social Networks” with Google+ and Facebook) the user should be able to create those groups.

How this could be realized:
You would need a page where you can create groups. I guess this would be a new tab in “Settings”. This tab could be called “Website specifc settings”.

The page should have a form where users can enter a name of a group and create an empty group with that name.

Then there should be a table with all groups and one form with a single input element and a checkbox:

  • Users could add the URL of the website they want to add to this group.
  • The checkbox is for "add all subdomains of the given domain"
    Every group should have a list of all websites within this group and an option to remove the website from this list.

Now, after you can define the groups, you should apply it:

  • to the Dashboard
    • Referrer Websites
  • Referrers
    • Websites & Social
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This would be handy for many government sites that may have multiple aliases

I would appreciate this feature as well.

Does this feature exist in any way in the 3.5.1 release of Matomo? I have a lot of ‘example.com’ and ‘www.example.com’ referrers who’s data I’d love to group.