Less pagviews after Piwik "update"


I “inherited” a project with an old Piwik installation (1.6) which I wanted to revive.
Therefore I set up a new installation in parallel.
After I switched the Piwiks Codes via the CMS all seems to be fine apart from the number of pageviews.

We have a stable amount of visits but much less (40%-50%) pageviews.
Visits: old 6.000 new 6.000 Pageviews: old 28.000 new 16.000

Have there been any major changes in the way pageviews are calculated between version 1.6 and the actual one?
Are there any new or different default settings which could cause this difference?
Any other ideas where these different pageviews are coming from or how I can trouble shoot.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, did you find an answer? After Upgrading a site and piwik we miss 40% - 50% percent of the page views. Thats not possible at all.