Left in basket

We are using the Ecommerce plug-in to analyze our webshop. There it shows that we have a very high quota of left in basket items, which is somehow reasonable to very high average basket values. However, we still would like to get more infos on these left baskets and the (possible) reasons. Within the ecommerce reports we get good info on which products these are. However, we do not get the infos on where those visitors came from (search engines etc.) or other details - for conversion we get this info.
Further, it would be very helpful to see at what stage of the order process they left. Do you have any hints on how we can get more infos on these left items and visitors? Thanks and best regards, markus

Thanks for the suggestion. We could extend ecommerce plugin to add these interesting reports. If you can sponsor such feature, please contact: http://piwik.org/consulting/