LDAP plugin


Following the steps in the readme file, we are trying to make the gigatec LDAP connector 1.0.0 working. (http://dev.piwik.org/trac/attachment/ticket/734/)

  1. Download the plugin code and extract the files into the /plugins Folder
  2. Login to Piwik backend as superuser
  3. Navigate to Settings->Plugins
  4. Disable the “Login” Plugin
  5. Enable the “LoginLdap” Plugin
  6. Customize your LDAP Settings via Settings->LDAP Users

Everything works fine until step 4. Immediately after deactivating the Login plugin, we get kicked off our Piwik. Activating the LDAP plugin before deactivating the Login plugin doesn’t work either.

Are there any hints how to activate and use the LDAP authentication.


Here is what I found out so far: The LDAP extension of PHP has to be enabled. Pretty obvious but I forgot that. Now I can enable the Login LDAP plugin.

However, on the new LDAP Users page there are no fields for providing credentials. But these are needed to access our LDAP (Active Directory).


You’ll have to edit the plugin code to tweak it for your environment. These things aren’t yet configureable via the UI.